Modern Vanities for Stylish Bathroom Décor

Tastes and styles change over time and while you may not be able to express what exactly is modern, you know when something looks dated or out of style. Bathrooms are a classic example – because the porcelain fixtures are so expensive, many bathrooms get stuck in time, with decades old bath vanities and dated bathroom hardware. The good news is that with just a little bit of savvy shopping it is easy to update a mundane bathroom to make it both more stylish and functional.

The internet is a great place to start because you can browse through thousands of images with the click of a mouse, get ideas and inspiration and you can shop any time of the day or night from the comfort and safety of home. It is easy to compare features and benefits without the hassle of driving all over town; you save time and money by not burning gas and you can do all the research you need to get the best deal possible. There’s no need to haul stuff from the store to the car and then into your home because when you shop online the goods are delivered directly to your door.

Home Chelsea Vanity Set

Where to purchase:

Buy this Lamont Home Chelsea Vanity Set from for only $249.99. It's also available from for a slightly lower price $240.00.

The easiest way to update any bathroom is with new bath textiles such as towels, shower curtains, window treatments and rugs. New bathroom hardware such as drawer pulls and knobs can do a lot to update an older vanity; new bathroom lights and mirrors are another way to modernize a dated bathroom without spending the money for a full remodel. Mirrors can open up a room – the reflected light can make a small room appear much larger than it actually is.


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