Practical Tips & Ideas for Updating a Drab Bathroom

It can be fun to watch the home makeover shows on television or to flip through the pages of a home décor magazine and look at the fancy bath and powder rooms so often featured but it can also be a bit discouraging when you feel your own bathroom leaves something to be desired. Perhaps your bath cabinets or vanities are a bit dated or your bathroom is simply mundane. Take heart – with some savvy shopping it’s easy to update a drab bathroom with new toilet paper and towel holders, shower curtains, bath mats and more.

Practical Tips for a Drab Bathroom

Most folks have to live with the existing porcelain bath fixtures (the tub, sink and commode) but there is still plenty you can do to modernize a bathroom, starting with the vanity. Replace dated bathroom hardware such as drawer knobs and cabinet pulls with new ones for an easy update; look for matching shower curtain hooks and towel bars to carry the new style throughout the room. This is best done when you buy components from a bath collection plus you can buy one piece at a time as budget permits – over time the end result will be a coordinated and attractive bathroom makeover.

The simple addition of a handheld showerhead can make any bathroom more appealing and functional. With a handheld showerhead it is easy to shampoo hair or bathe while seated; use it to bathe children, wash pets, water plants and even clean the shower or tub enclosure. Enjoy a spa-like water massage – a handheld showerhead lets you target the water spray precisely where you want it. Most handheld showerheads are designed so they can be installed without the assistance of a plumber.


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