Tips for Safe and Functional Bath Décor

First and foremost, a bathroom needs to be safe and functional – bathroom showers should be robust, drains should clear quickly, faucets should not leak and toilets should not run. Even the tiniest amount of water can be very damaging if it leaks where it should not; leaky faucets and toilets can waste hundreds of dollars in water, drive up utility bills and cause untold damage if left uncorrected.

Because most bathrooms present a moist and humid environment there is potential for mold and mildew and the possibility of trip and fall hazards. When selecting bathroom textiles such as shower curtains and liners it is important to look for quick dry and mildew resistant features; bath mats and rugs should feature anti-skid backing.

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Prevent potential damages

The bathtub or shower should feature safety treads or an abrasive floor surface designed to reduce the potential for slipping and falling; grab bars are an excellent safety feature in any bathroom. All towel racks should be securely affixed to the wall – many are secured with concealed hex screws which can loosen over time so it is a good idea to get a hex wrench and make it a practice to tighten the set screws on a regular basis.

Cheap or expensive shower curtain rings ?

The shower curtain and liner should slide freely – invest in top quality shower curtain rings or hooks to make sure they do the work; this will reduce wear and tear on the shower curtain and liner. Shower curtains and rods vary – you may wish to install a curved shower curtain rod to add extra elbow room in the tub or shower.


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