The Top 5 Items No Shower Should Be without

The shower is one of the most relaxing parts of the day, where you get refreshed and exhilarated. In your shower, you must create a comfortable aura, with soothing colors that fit your style and different types of items that make your shower enjoyable. Incorporating matching faucets and a shower caddy are a good start, but sometimes you may require unique items to set your shower apart from the rest. Individualizing your bathroom, especially the shower area, can enhance the look and feel of your home.

The Top 5 Items No Shower Should Be Without

There are a variety of items that can liven up your bathroom and shower. The shower pole caddy or shower hanging caddy is optimal to organize all of your bathroom essentials including soaps, shampoos, loofas and different types of washes. To improve the feel while in the shower, a waterfall faucet is a great option; this faucet provides an injection of water that streams down in elegant fashion, giving you a smooth flow for washing your hair and body. Another item that is beneficial for your shower is a metal grab bar or pole for support. This is imperative if you slip often, and can reduce hazard, especially if you are an older adult. If you use a bar soap in the shower, make sure that you also use a soap dish that drains well so that the soap does not become soupy and the dish does not grow mold. Finally, invest in a loofa or soft sponge, which can help to exfoliate your dead skin cells and the excess dirt on your body.

Adding different basics to your shower can help you to enjoy your time in the shower. These five essentials are not costly and provide valuable benefits, including safety, practicality and aesthetics. Add these to your regime and experience a more enjoyable shower every day.


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