Stylish Wall Sconces for Bathroom Décor

If you follow any of the popular home makeover shows or flip the through the pages of the better home decor magazines you’ve no doubt noticed that bathrooms are getting bigger and better; decorated with all sorts of fancy wall sconces, lavish amenities, bathroom furniture and stylish vanities and fixtures. For most of us a new bathroom is something we can only dream about but there’s no need to put up with a mundane bathroom because there’s plenty you can do while you wait for your dreams to come true.

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The porcelain fixtures are probably something you will need to live with but even a dated vanity can be refreshed with new bathroom hardware. Start by replacing the cabinet pulls and drawer knobs with more modern selections; replace old and broken towel racks, robe hooks, towel rings and the like. Most bathroom hardware is secured with concealed set screws which can loosen over time; it’s a good idea to make it a practice to tighten the set screws with a hex wrench from time to time so the towel bars are securely affixed to the walls.

The easiest and fastest way to transform any bathroom is with new bath textiles – shower curtains, window treatments, bath mats and rugs, and so on. Experts recommend replacing the shower curtain and liner on a regular basis to prevent the possibly of mold and mildew. A new set of super absorbent cotton terry cloth bath towels can not only make the bathroom look better, they can make you feel better as you step from the bath or shower into a fluffy towel.


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