Sprucing up Your Guest Bathroom for the Holidays

The holiday season is a prime time for entertaining your friends and family members, so a cheerful, festive guest bathroom is an absolute must-have. Bath vanities look marvelous with a dish of red, green and white soaps and an embroidered holiday hand towel. Everything must positively gleam, from the faucets and fixtures to the cabinets and door knobs. Here are a few options for inspiration, each one more affordable and striking than the last.

Sprucing up Your Guest Bathroom for the HolidaysIf your home features double sink bath vanities, double up on holiday decor to keep the area from appearing bare. You might set out a bowl of cinnamon sticks, cloves or pine-scented potpourri in a decorative bowl. With so much extra space, you may opt for a floral arrangement or potted poinsettia. If you prefer a clean, minimalist look for your bathroom, set out a small dish of guest soaps. You can use any scented soap you wish, but peppermint, cocoa and clean, crisp fragrances are perfect for the colder months. Select from a variety of bath cabinet vanities for a sleek, polished look. Finally, complete the upgrade by replacing old, dull bathroom fixtures. A chrome towel rack, faucet and a few cabinet door satin nickel knobs are affordable, classic and easy to install.

If you would like your home to appear merry and bright, start with your guest bathroom. Minor upgrades and a few decorative touches help to create a holiday atmosphere unlike no other. Treat your guests to a magical atmosphere by imbuing your whole home with the sounds, sights and smells of this beloved holiday season.


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