Simple Plumbing Upgrades

You do not have to tear up your house performing major renovations to get greater convenience and utility out of your bathroom. Fast, simple plumbing upgrades can also make a significant difference to your quality of life while not disrupting your everyday routine. For instance, it is easy to install a new shower head or add a water-saving device to your bathroom faucets, which helps you cut down on water usage and save money.

Simple Plumbing Upgrades

If your goal is to enjoy a hot, relaxing shower, an adjustable shower and bath head is a quick fix that allows you to change the direction and reach of the water spray to your convenience. Luxuriate in the soothing feel of a simulated rain shower beating down upon you when you choose a rain shower head with a flexible neck. It takes only about two hours to upgrade your toilet with a new model that uses a low-flow system. While you are it, add an elevated toilet seat that makes it easier for your elderly guests and relatives to use the restroom. Another easy plumbing addition is a pressure-balanced valve that keeps your water flowing at a relatively even temperature, virtually eliminating your risk of suffering a scalding injury due to a sudden change in water pressure. Also consider renovating your bathroom brushed metal faucets so that the water stops flowing when no one is trying to use it.

Quick plumbing upgrades are usually jobs that you can perform on your own within an hour. They are well worth the time due to the dividends they provide in terms of the money you save, the convenience you gain and the safety they bring.


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