Renovating Your Outdated Dorm Bathroom

Bathrooms can become outdated very fast, as you must always stay on top of them to keep your home or apartment contemporary. If you are a student, your dorm can be spruced up with an appropriate assortment that fits your character. Bath vanities come in a variety of different styles, shapes and sizes and make great centerpieces for bathrooms in college dorms.

Unusual Bathroom Updates

Bath hardware and vanities can serve as the centerpiece for your bathroom renovation. Oak or ceramic tables give your bathroom a rustic appearance of professionalism and sophistication. If you are a college student, bath decor and vanities can add a boost of energy and additional storage capacity to a monotonous bathroom. Large mirrors and hanging lights can make your bathroom unique and provide a better environment for applying makeup in the morning. If you are a guy and need to style your hair and freshen up for dates and nights out with friends, these mirrors can give you the visibility necessary in college bathrooms in dorms. Finally, add thematic elements to your bathroom: you can remodel it to resemble a jungle atmosphere, a circus for your kids or your favorite sports team as a college student.

The bathroom is an area where you want to maximize comfort, and a great place to start is with the design and style of the room. Vanities, mirrors and creative themes help to both personalize and renovate an antiquated dorm bathroom.


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  1. The article holds up to its idea that bathrooms do become outdated with time, and the use of large mirrors, and hanging lights help to make the bathroom more appealing, and comfortable.


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