Quick & Convenient Bathroom Additions

Update your bathroom easily by choosing decorative items that also serve a purpose. Gleaming sconces add light and polish to the room and are available in a variety of finishes, such as satin nickel, antique bronze and chrome. A convenient shower mirror makes the room appear larger when not in use and offers the practicality of shaving in the shower, thereby freeing up space in the bathroom. Simple additions such as these, along with a matching soap dispenser, toothbrush container and tissue holder, spruce up your room in an affordable way.

Quick, Convenient Bathroom Additions

Put up wall sconces that complement the colors of the walls and the room accessories. Antique bronze fixtures combined with shining chrome look modern and chic. A lighted shaving mirror in a chrome frame blends in nicely in a contemporary bathroom. Check out a shower mirror with suction cups, since there are limitations for mounting items in a shower. If you have enough room, consider freestanding towel warmers; otherwise, opt for the door-mounted type that matches the finish of your other bathroom fixtures. Find a bathroom wastebasket that fits the rest of the room decor, and pair it with a small laundry hamper when space allows.

Modernize your bathroom with a few specially selected additions. From lighting and mirrors to decorative rugs and wastebaskets, simple extras turn a bland and boring bathroom into an inviting place. Most bathrooms are small, so use the available space to its best advantage: match towel colors to shower curtains or walls, keep all fixtures the same metal finish and remember that lighter colors make the room appear larger.


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