Preventing Injuries in the Bathroom

Many home injuries occur in the bathroom, which is why it is especially important to improve the safety of this room. If you enjoy taking long, luxurious baths, a bath pillow provides proper support so you do not strain your neck. You can also help your little ones avoid bumping their heads on bath faucets during bath time by installing a soft foam cover that adjusts to fit over most taps. To improve footing, a non-slip rubber mat is a useful addition to the floor of your tub. All of these items are just a few of the many ways to increase safety in the bathroom.

Preventing Injuries in the Bathroom

Another way to increase bathroom safety for your children is to add special features to your bath sink faucets. One handy device changes color when the water flowing from your tap goes from cold to hot, using its bright red appearance to warn your kids of excessive heat. Another item is a bath inflatable pillow that cushions your head and can typically hold air, cool water or hot water, depending on your preferences. This bath tub pillow reduces neck strain and soothes aches and pains as you enjoy your calming bath. If you are older or have elderly members in your household, accessories such as grab bars, shower chairs and elevated toilet seats significantly improve bathroom safety.

No matter what your age or level of health, you are never immune from the risk of bathroom injuries. Quick ways to enhance your safety include removing loose throw rugs from the room and keeping the floors dry. More advanced ways range from installing a walk-in shower to adding a toilet frame that provides support as you sit down and stand up.


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