Practical Bath Décor: Vogue of Spring Cleaning

It’s easy to keep your bathroom working well and looking great, especially when you can shop online for everything from bathroom accessories and dispenser sets to shower curtain hooks and rods. The bathroom is perhaps the most heavily trafficked room in any home – given so much use it’s easy to see why things wear out or simply get worn or dated over time. The funny thing is that when you see something all the time it can be hard to notice change, so often you are the last person to realize that a room needs to be cleaned or updated.

Vogue of Spring Cleaning

That may even be why the concept of spring cleaning came into vogue – in part it was probably driven by the fact that after a long, cold winter where everyone was stuck indoors, the place and the people all needed a breath of fresh air, but the very ritual of cleaning on a regular basis is a good idea because it forces you to look carefully at your surroundings and make corrections. Begin your spring cleaning by setting aside an afternoon to address the bathroom – draw the drapes and if possible remove the window treatments for cleaning or replacement, then clean all of the light fixtures and replace any missing or burned out light bulbs. This will give you an opportunity to really see what you are dealing with in the best possible light.

Experts recommend replacing the shower curtain and shower liner on a regular basis; look for new ones which feature quick dry functionality and mildew resistant properties. When selecting bath mats and rugs be sure to choose ones with anti skid backing; look again for fabrics which are designed to dry quickly.


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