Practical Bath Décor: Eliminating Potential Hazards

The bathroom is one of the most heavily trafficked rooms in any home and it needs to perform well 24 hours a day. This means bath faucets should not leak, toilets should not run and the drains should operate properly. It also means the clutter should be confined – with high humidity and moisture the bathroom can pose many trip and fall hazards – stuff on the floor is not a good idea. Use hampers or laundry baskets to corral soiled clothing and towels; wall racks and hooks are great for keeping clothing off the floor.

Bath toys are another potential hazard – keep them handy but safe with a suction cup wall mounted bath toy hammock or scoop. Protect baby and kids with a bath tub faucet spout protector and a bath tub temperature gauge; wash away the tears with a shampoo rinseshield and make shampooing hair fun and easy. Bath time can be fun for kids and parents alike – make a splash with a specially designed kids hand held shower head.

Eliminating Potential Hazards

Bath mats and rugs should feature anti-skid backing to help reduce the possibility of slips and falls. A toilet seat lid lock is a good idea when you have inquisitive toddlers and small children; childproof locks are essential on medicine cabinets and vanities.

Help to reduce the potential for mold and mildew by replacing your shower curtain and liner on a regular basis; look for quick dry fabrics that will help to reduce moisture. A hookless shower curtain often features an attached liner so this is an excellent option; they are often found in many of the better hotel chains, in part due to how well they perform and how attractive they look.


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