Modern Décor Ideas: Making Your Bathroom Look and Function as Good as Possible

No one says the bathroom needs to be worthy of a magazine spread but since it is the most trafficked room of the house it simply makes sense that your bathroom should look and function as well as it possibly can. Lighting fixtures such as wall scones and ceiling lights should be clean with no burned out or missing light bulbs, faucets should not drip, toilets should not run and the shower and bath mirror should be sparkling clean. A clean bathroom can go a long way to make even the most dated of bathrooms look more attractive which is why the hotel and motel housekeeper secret is to wipe down all of the chrome with window cleaner – it makes every shiny surface sparkle.

Look and Function as Good as Possible

If your bathroom is a bit drab it’s time take set aside an afternoon and give it a good cleaning from top to bottom – draw the drapes and turn on all the lights so you can see what you are doing. Be on the lookout for loose or missing drawer pulls and towel bars – these can easily be replaced or repaired with simple household tools. If the vanity hardware is dated it might be a good idea to select more modern drawer and cabinet pulls and replace them; it is always a good idea to have as many towel bars, robe hooks and towel rings as possible to help keep clothing and towels off the floor.

A new set of plush terry cloth towels can do wonders in a mundane bathroom – for an extra touch of elegance you may wish to invest in monogrammed towels. Step it up with a heated towel rack – there are freestanding floor models which require no installation or you can get wall-mounted units too.


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