Modern Bathroom Fixtures & Medicine Cabinets

When people look to buy a home they typically focus on the bathrooms because they are expensive to remodel; since the bathroom is the most heavily trafficked room in any home it is important that it look attractive and be as functional as possible. Most modern bathrooms are larger than those of yore and often feature bathroom furniture and amenities such as heated towel racks and handheld showerheads; if you are faced with a small or dated bathroom it can be a challenge but not impossible to modernize without embarking on a major renovation.

Fixtures & Medicine Cabinets

The best way to tackle a mundane bathroom is by clearing out everything you don’t really need or use. Set aside an afternoon to clean (it is always better to clean during daylight hours so you can see what you are doing) the bathroom from top to bottom and sort through items you no longer want. Be sure to clean the windows, mirrors and walls using a window and hard surface cleaner.

Clean the light fixtures and take the time to replace any burned out or missing light bulbs with new ones at the highest wattage recommend for the fixture. This is a good opportunity to switch over to the energy efficient LED or CFL bulbs although many people prefer to stick with incandescent light bulbs in the bathroom because the heat they emit can help to dry out the room and reduce humidity. If the room features a built-in exhaust fan you will want to be sure to clean the fan and wash or replace any filters.

Once you have cleaned the room and taken stock of what you really need it is time to develop a plan for making the bathroom more attractive and functional. This may mean installing more towel bars, towel rings, robe hooks and the like; it is also an opportunity to introduce a towel warmer or heated towel rack. There are many styles available including wall-mount models, freestanding units and countertop towel warmers so you will be certain to find one that meets your needs.

Medicine cabinets can be a hassle to replace and a dated vanity can be costly to remove but there are some easy ways to spruce up items that are still functional, staring with new cabinet hardware. A new set of stylish drawer pulls or cabinet handles can do a lot to make a dated item look modern; new textiles such as a shower curtain or a bath mat are an easy way to change the look of a room without a lot of expense or effort.


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