Luxurious Bathrooms

You may have experienced a fabulous bathroom in an upscale hotel or exclusive resort – perhaps the bathroom faucets were gold-plated or the shower featured multiple showerheads from both the walls and the ceiling or the bathtub had a whirlpool feature. Hotel amenities such as towel and robe warmers are fantastic; what you may not realize is that for less than the cost of even one night in a luxury hotel you can enjoy many of these same amenities in your own home every night of the week.

The best thing to do is to think about what features are the most important to you – perhaps a set of top quality plush terry cloth towels could make a big difference in your bathing experience. If you seek a spa-like environment then maybe a natural teak shower bench or bath mat would be a suitable addition to your bathroom. If you’re not entirely sure of what you might want, or not certain you even know what’s available, it’s a good idea to look online and browse the websites of the major bed and bath stores – it’s easy to shop any time of the day or night from the comfort of home and see thousands of choices.


Some popular amenities include handheld shower heads – they are easy to install without the help of a plumber; with a handheld shower head you can shampoo hair while seated, bathe children, wash pets, enjoy a water massage or even water plants. A wall mounted soap, shampoo and conditioner dispenser and a shower mirror are some other easy upgrades which can help to transform your bathing experience.


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