Spring Bathroom Towel Color Combinations: Tips from Janene Ferrara

To freshen up your home for spring, start with your bathroom. It’s one of the easiest and cheapest rooms to update in your home.

“Redecorating a bathroom is a project you can do in a day,” said Janene Ferrara, owner of Dalehead Designs, an interior design firm in Sayville, N.Y. “It doesn’t break the bank and you don’t even have to paint.”

The secret? Just change up the towels and — voila! — you’ve got a whole new feel.

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Towels, such as Wamsutta Perfect SoftMICRO COTTON®, come in modern colors you can play with to revitalize your bathroom’s look and mood. Think of linens like an artist’s palette — the fluffy version. Then, start mixing and matching hand and bath towels and washcloths of different colors with coordinating bath-mat and shower-curtain options.

To help you come up with a winning linen combo for your bathroom, Ferrara offers the following expert guidance:

Start With Art

“Get a new piece of art for your bathroom and use it as your inspiration,” Ferrara said.

This Sunburst Canvas Print, for example, has yellows, oranges, and greens you can use to match towel colors. The art you choose should be colorful but shouldn’t be too expensive because bathrooms have lots of moisture.

“If you have colored tile, find a picture that has your tile shade in it so your look will be cohesive,” Ferrara said.

If your bathroom is completely tiled, use 3M Command Hooks to hang artwork.

Buy Linens Together

“Buying everything at the same time helps ensure that all of your pieces will work together,” Ferrara said.

If you’re shopping in the store, you can hold up bath and hand towels and washcloths next to bath mats and shower curtains to see which shades mesh best. Shopping online? You’ll have the best luck avoiding subtle color clashes by buying linens from the same brand, she said.

Use a Color Collage

“To get the perfect room, use the 60-30-10 rule,” Ferrara said. “The majority of the room, 60 percent, should be one color; 30 percent of the room should be another color; and 10 percent should be an accent color.”

That rule also applies to bathroom linens. For example, if your bathroom color scheme is navy, pale blue, and gray, you could choose navy bath towels, pale blue hand towels, and gray washcloths. Other winning color combinations to consider: marsala (a rich red — the Pantone color of the year), navy, and beige. For spring, how about using a combination of seafoam green, darker green, or white? For summer, navy, pale blue and coral-colored linens bring on a beachy feel. Let the seasons inspire you.

Add a Pattern

If you’re using solid-colored towels, go ahead and add a patterned shower curtain or bath mat to the mix — but stick with just one patterned piece.

“Two or more patterns in a bathroom can be overwhelming in a small space,” Ferrrara said.

You can also stick with solid-colored linens and let your bathroom wall art be the focal point, Ferrara said:

“Let the beauty of color stand on its own.”

Bathroom Towel Color Scheme

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bathroom towel color schemes

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