Lighting Ideas for Practical Bath Décor

First and foremost your bathroom needs to be safe and functional – the bathroom showers should have adequate water pressure, the drains should clear freely, the faucets should not leak and the toilet should not run. At the first sign of a drip or leak it is important to seek professional help to address the problem; water leaks not only waste water and drive up utility bills, they can cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage to your home if left unchecked.

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It’s a good idea to clean the bathroom from top to bottom at least once a year and use the time to clear out things you no longer need or use. Unwanted toiletries can be donated to a homeless shelter while old towels and bath mats can be very useful in an animal shelter. Remove the window treatments for cleaning or replacement and be sure to clean the light fixtures. Take the time to replace any burned out or missing light bulbs and replace them with the highest wattage bulbs recommended for the fixture; this is also a good opportunity to switch to energy-efficient LED or CFL bulbs if you have not already done so.

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Bathroom and shower lighting should be multi-functional – you need ambient light in the room but you also need task lighting for proper grooming and good hygiene. This may require that you invest in creative lighting alternatives such as a lighted magnifying mirror or a shower light. A lighted toilet seat is a unique way to make sure nocturnal visits to the toilet do not pose a safety hazard; nightlights are always a good idea.


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