Extras to Include In Your Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom renovations may start with major features like tile, cabinetry and fixtures, but it is the extras that you include that really define the space. Detail features like towel warmers, door knobs, drawer pulls and shower curtain rings give your newly renovated room a sense of luxury and a distinct visual finish.

Extras to Include In Your Bathroom Renovation

Towel warmers are like small linen closets. The heated closet is designed to hold towels and attaches to an on/off switch for intermittent use. They are ideal for a very large bathroom or a bathroom used by several people. Hanging warmers have a metal bar to hang towels from, just like a traditional towel rack, and they use radiant heat to warm the towels. These are preferable for compact bathrooms or bathrooms that service a single person’s needs. The style of knobs and cabinet pulls used in the room depends entirely on your personal taste. Look for knobs and pulls that accent one another both in terms of the metal used and the shape of the handle. If you use brass pulls, then use cabinetry door brass knobs as your main door handle. Too often, the shower rings in the bathroom are simple tacky plastic rings that hold the shower curtain in place. Instead, opt for ring options that enhance the room's overall sense of design. Look for rings that accent the metallic elements in the room or that reflect the room’s décor theme.

Take care when selecting the final detail elements for your newly renovated bathroom. Failure to add these extras can leave your bathroom feeling ordinary.


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