Environmentally Friendly Bath Décor

Today’s modern bathrooms are more efficient and practical than ever before – toilets have dual flush settings, showers and faucets have water saving features and light fixtures can accommodate energy saving bulbs – it’s never been easier to have a green bathroom. Transform your bathroom into a spa-like oasis with shower and bath kits designed to be both environmentally correct and to improve the bath or shower experience.

Tasteful additions to the bathroom

A great place to begin is with the addition of some naturally water resistant teak bath or shower furniture such as a shower bench or shower mat; bamboo is another environmentally friendly material that is popular for use in a bathroom. Bamboo or wicker hampers let clothing and towels breathe, thus reducing the potential for mold and mildew; a bamboo or teak towel rack is a tasteful addition to any bathroom.

Small Towel Rack

Waterbrands™ SeaTeak® Small Towel Rack, $15.99 – www.bedbathandbeyond.com

A handheld showerhead is both a practical and environmentally friendly addition to a bath or shower because it lets you direct the water spray precisely where you want it, thus reducing waste and excess water use. Enjoy shampooing hair, bathing children, washing pets and watering plants with a handheld showerhead; most are designed so they can be installed without the assistance of a plumber. It’s also easy to shower while seated when you have a handheld showerhead.

Another great way to go green in the bath or powder room is by switching over to organic cotton bath towels and bath sheets; bamboo is another excellent option. Look for super absorbent cotton terry cloth towels.


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