Dorm & Decor Supplies

Decorating a dorm room can be both frustrating and fun. The challenge is to make a small space function well and look great; couple this with the fact that it may be the first time a child has the opportunity to set up their own space and you have a real juggling act. You want to make sure the dorm provides necessary supplies for studies, rest and relaxation while your child may be more interested in lounging and partying – compromises must be made.

Dorm & Décor Supplies

One great place to start is to seek the advice of those in the know – doubtless the school provides a student checklist and this is an excellent starting point. Another great option is to look online at the websites of the major bath and bedding stores – many feature sections devoted solely to dorm décor and this is just the sort of college prep you can share with your child. A digital checklist makes it easy to shop and compare using social networking, text and email; this is especially helpful when you are trying to coordinate things with new roommates and fellow parents.

Many modern dorms are more like apartments – they feature a shared kitchen, living area and bathroom along with a suite of bedrooms. This means you will need to think about acquiring everything from pots and pans and cooking utensils to bathroom shower curtains, faucets and cleaning supplies. Laundry management is a big issue and hampers are important – look for ones with removable liners which can be used as laundry bags and don’t forget a laundry basket or two. Storage space will be at a premium so be sure to invest in bed risers which let you take advantage of underutilized under bed storage.


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