Designing a Bathroom for Teenagers

Teenagers can be a handful for many reasons, making it troublesome to design a bathroom for them. However, by taking a few simple steps and making a few additions to your bathroom, you can make it more suitable for your teenager. Since many teenagers tend to be somewhat messy, it is important to design a bathroom that is simple and easy to clean. For example, provide an alternative to leaving dirty clothes in the bathroom by adding stylish hampers. With a few other alterations, such as a new bathroom mirror, your bathroom can be ready for the wrath of your teenagers.

Shared or Family BathroomThe best approach for designing a bathroom for teenagers is to keep it simple. Since many teenagers tend to take long showers, consider installing a bathroom fog-free mirror to keep excess steam off the mirror and increase its longevity. Laundry and clothes hampers are also a must to keep dirty clothes tidily stashed away and off your bathroom floor. Other additions to consider include water-resistant shower curtains, curved shower curtain rods and an easy-to-clean counter top. Another good option is to add toothbrush holders and other containers to keep bathroom items stowed away neatly.

By making a few key decisions and additions, you are sure to create a bathroom that is simple, low maintenance and ideal for teenagers. Feel free to get creative with accessories that complement the bathroom's decor and color scheme in order put the finishing touches on the room. Enlist your teenager's assistance in decorating the bathroom so that it reflects his or her personal style.


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