Colored Bathtubs Ideas

BluBleu is one of the most creative bathroom products manufacturers in Italy. They produce outstanding colorful bathtubs that can be viewed in their color collections. These collections include 192 available variations of colors for the bathtubs as well as a lot of personalization options.

There are three series of BluBleu bathtubs that feature attractive colors: Kali’, Lucky and Shiva. Kali’ Color bathtubs have the panels covered in wood or metal powder. They are available in 192 colors and 5 different finishes. Lucky Color bathtubs have unusual forms and modern design that goes beyond traditional view of a bath. The last collection is Shiva that includes comfortable asymmetrical bathtubs, the frontal panels being also available in 192 colors. A few of them can be viewed below:

Kali pink bathtub Kali Black Bathtub Yellow Bathtub Violet Shiva Bathtub Orange Bathtub


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