Child-Proofing Your Bathroom

When you have young children, you must make sure that your home is properly child-proofed. Potentially dangerous areas, such as kitchens and stairs should be blocked off by gates, and small items that could be choking hazards need to be kept off the floor. The kids bathroom can be a particularly dangerous room for small children. Child-proof door knobs can be used to keep children out of the bathroom to keep them safe.

Child-Proofing Your Bathroom

Making sure that your bathroom is a kids-friendly bathroom should start before your children are born. The sooner you start child-proofing the bathroom, the better, since you may not have either the time or the energy with a baby in the house. If you have more than one bathroom in the house, setting aside one as the kids room bathroom makes it easier to keep your children safe. Put safety locks on the door and cabinet knobs so that your children cannot open them without your assistance. Do not store any medicine or prescription drugs in their bathroom so that your children are unable to accidentally poison themselves. Use a non-skid bath mat in the tub so that they cannot slip and injure themselves while they are taking a bath.

Child-proofing your bathroom needs to be a priority to keep your children safe from harm. By installing a few simple safety devices, and making sure that any potentially dangerous items are kept out of their bathroom, you can ensure that the bathroom is a safe, enjoyable place for your children.


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