Changing Bathroom Furniture for Modern Bath Décor

Homes have gotten larger over the years and bigger is considered to be better, especially when it comes to bathrooms. Bath vanities are larger and generally feature more storage, there is more overall floor space and stylish bath furniture such as seating and storage units have become especially popular. Even if you have a bathroom which is somewhat diminutive in scale there are some clever ways to make the room look and feel larger.

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What to begin with?

The best way to begin with any bathroom is to start with a thorough cleaning from top to bottom, with the intention of removing anything you no longer need or use. Donate unwanted toiletries to a homeless shelter; bath towels and mats can go to an animal shelter and outdated shower or window curtains can go to a local charity or the church sale. Getting rid of stuff helps to free up more space for what you do need and also reduces clutter.

Clean it up first!

It’s best to clean during daylight hours so you can see what you are doing; remove the window treatments for cleaning or replacement. Be sure to clean the light fixtures and replace any missing or burned out light bulbs with new ones at the highest wattage recommended for the fixture. This is a good time to switch over to energy efficient CFL or LED light bulbs if you have not already done so.

Once you have cleared out and cleaned the bathroom it’s time to decide what you might be able to add or change in the way of bathroom accessories and furniture. Perhaps a teak shower bench or bathroom mat is just the thing to add a spa-like element to an otherwise mundane room.


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