Bringing New Life to Your House with Small Changes

Looking for ideas to bring new life to your house does not have to start with an expensive home renovation. Instead, narrow your focus to small changes in important rooms. The bathroom is a great place to focus on new additions and freshen your decor. Shower rods, faucets, cabinets, towel racks and wall coverings are all things that can be replaced or updated to add an instant facelift to the room.

Bringing New Life to Your House with Small ChangesOne of the main areas in a bathroom to focus on is the shower or tub area. Adding a new and decorative shower curtain is a quick and inexpensive way to spruce up that area. Consider looking for ornate or decorative shower rods to match the shower curtain. If your shower rod is old or falling off the wall, consider looking into tension rods. These rods are held in place with tight springs and do not require any further wall hardware. Another area to focus your renovating energy is the sink. Consider updating the sink area with chrome faucets or even simply adding new knobs. You can also add little things like decorative soap dishes, toothbrush holders or some candles.

Focusing on the small things your bathroom needs can easily bring a new look to both the room and your house. If you have the means to turn it into a bigger renovation, consider adding a two-person tub, a double sink or even expanding your bathroom. You can also renew the decor with a fresh paint job or new wallpaper.


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