Better Bathroom Lighting & Bath Vanities

With so much advertising and marketing hype, you may or may not know quality when you see it; it’s easy to get caught up in fancy name brands and trendy styles but only true quality can stand the test of time. That’s why when you invest in bathroom lighting it is important to know what to look for – it can be costly to replace a light fixture time and again only because you bought something of poor quality. It has often been said that the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten and this is certainly the case when you install lighting or other bath fixtures.

Lighting & Bath Vanities

The bathroom is a generally moist and humid environment; it is also the most heavily trafficked room in a home so surfaces must be durable and designed to withstand moisture. Any metal surface, regardless of the finish, should be brass underneath. The final finish may be chrome or brushed nickel or some other treatment but if the base material is not brass the fixture will not last as long or wear as well. This is the case whether it is a light fixture, a drawer pull or a bath spout. When you shop for metal hardware of any kind it is important to understand that the best quality will always be brass. There may be any number of cheaper offerings but they will not last as long as a good quality brass piece.

When selecting bath fixtures such as cabinet pulls, faucet handles or bath spouts it can be tempting to choose an ornate style or a brilliant gold-plated finish. While this may look very appealing it is important to think about how much effort will be required to clean and maintain the fixtures – if you need to spend hours with a toothbrush getting into every nook and crevice in order to clean the item you will soon be unhappy. Unique finishes often call for specialized care and maintenance which may not be compatible with your busy lifestyle.

Today the modern look tends to be clean and contemporary with streamlined styling and easy care finishes. Many modern bath vanities feature touchless or hands free faucets and minimal hardware; drawer pulls and door handles are often concealed. Take a look online at the website of your favorite major bed and bath store to get an idea of what is available and use this as a guideline as you work on improving your own home.


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