A Platform for Bed & Bathroom Lighting

Lighting is one of the most underutilized ways to beef up décor in any room and it can be done surprisingly inexpensively. Bedrooms and bathroom are great places to begin since they typically feature a single overhead light fixture in the center of the room. While effective, this does not necessarily bring out the best in a room nor does it provide the necessary task lighting for things like reading, watching television or grooming. Even something as simple as a shelf or platform over the bed can be used to hold a small reading or night light. This makes it possible for one person to read while another sleeps plus it allows you to get into bed and then turn off the light instead of walking across a darkened bedroom.

A Platform for Bed & Bathroom Lighting

Wall sconces are another excellent option for either a bath or bedroom – they provide a subtle light which can be used to highlight architectural features or add drama to a room. Wall sconces can be very flattering, especially when they are equipped with a dimmer switch. Floor lamps are good when they are placed next to a sofa or chair while table lamps are useful on a night stand or shelf.

The right bathroom and powder room lighting is critically important for good grooming and makeup application and it’s a good idea to consider installing a lighted or counter top magnifying mirror in addition to any other lighting solutions you may be considering. Because most bathrooms are exposed to a lot of humidity, a lighted exhaust fan is another handy option – it will help stop mirrors from fogging up and may even reduce the possibility of mold and mildew.


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