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Function Family Bath Décor

Most family bathrooms are a mess – bath toys strewn everywhere, too much stuff and not enough space – it’s an accident waiting to happen. A family bathroom needs to be safe and functional first – bath rugs and bath mats should feature anti-skid backing, grab bars should be securely attached to the walls, faucets…
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Bath Décor Ideas

Updating a bathroom generally calls for more than just replacing tired bath rugs and worn mats – they should be replaced on an annual basis as a matter of course anyway. There’s plenty you can do to update a mundane or dysfunctional bathroom without doing major renovations or spending a lot of money. Simple solutions…
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Modern Bath Rugs and Mats for Perfect Bath Décor

If you have not shopped for bath décor items lately you’ll be surprised at the many technological advances – bath rugs, seat covers and mats in mildew resistant fabrics, naturally water-resistant teak bath furniture, organic bath sheets and towels – the list is endless and the options are offered at many different price points so…
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