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Practical Family Bathroom Ideas

Family bathrooms can take a beating – wear and tear is not uncommon in the most frequently used room of most any home. Practical items like shower curtains and rings for kids that can hold up to constant use and some extra tugging and pulling are a good idea – seek out sturdy and well…
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Family Bathrooms

Outfitting a family bathroom can be fun but it can also be a challenge – there’s usually too much stuff and not enough space in this very popular room. There are some clever and practical ideas to make the most out of the space you have including shower curtains with pockets for kids or adults…
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Basic Bath Ideas: Shower Curtains & Washcloths

Decorating a bathroom can be fun but sometimes you need to stick with the basics, especially if it is a much-used family or kids bathroom. Things like shower curtains and shower liners for kids need to be practical because they can take a lot of abuse; the shower curtain holes should be reinforced since often…
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