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Gracious Homes

You know a gracious home when you see one – the guest bathroom features elegant lined hand and bath towels which may even be monogrammed, there’s a bud vase with a single glorious bloom, a selection of exotic hand soaps and perhaps an incrediblyfragrant candle or potpourri. These are the sorts of niceties you see…
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Gracious Bath Décor

When you visit someone’s home and use the powder room it’s always pleasant to be presented with linen or embroidered bath towels- they are simply elegant and so very classic. Something like top quality embroidered or monogrammed towels truly make a memorable impression. Any bath or powder room can be made gracious and welcoming with…
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Better Bathroom Décor

You know a gracious home when you enter – everything is just so and each room is warm and welcoming. The powder room has elegant linen bath and hand towels, perhaps a fragrant candle or a basket of fine soaps. Everywhere you look it is obvious the host or hostess genuinely cares about your well…
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