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Fashionable Vanities for Bath Décor

Perhaps you have looked at some fancy home décor magazines or browsed through homes for sale and noticed that the bathroom has suddenly gone from a very utilitarian room to something more fashion forward – bath vanities have become more like furniture, surfaces and finishes are more substantial and the amenities are more like something...
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Stylish Wall Sconces for Bathroom Décor

If you follow any of the popular home makeover shows or flip the through the pages of the better home decor magazines you’ve no doubt noticed that bathrooms are getting bigger and better; decorated with all sorts of fancy wall sconces, lavish amenities, bathroom furniture and stylish vanities and fixtures. For most of us a...
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Simple Home Additions: Wall Sconces & Modern Bathroom Lighting Solutions

Most bathrooms are outfitted with a builder grade overhead light fixture equipped with one or two incandescent light bulbs. While this standard issue lighting solution will certainly get the job done, it does nothing to add to the ambiance of the room. The simple home addition of a thoughtful wall or ceiling light fixture such...
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