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Extras to Improve Your Bathroom’s Form and Function

Make the most of your available bathroom space by choosing shelving and cabinetry that gives you extra storage room. Stack towels high on shelves over the commode, and tuck personal-care items away in cabinets underneath your sink. Buy a lightweight bathroom scale with a handle to store vertically. Purchase a shower caddy to keep shampoos,...
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Make Your Bathroom Unique

The traditional bathroom look is a thing of the past. Use your creativity to design a unique bathroom that reflects your personality and preferences. Seemingly small, minor bathroom accessories, such as bath rugs, bath mats, shower curtains, bath pillows and window curtains make a huge impact on a bathroom's feel. Painting or wallpapering the walls,...
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Dress Up Any Bathroom without Spending a Fortune

In most cases, you can dress up even an outdated bathroom with a few basic purchases that are easy to add to the room. A shower curtain track, new shower curtains, bathroom rugs, updated lighting and other inexpensive items transform the appearance of your bathroom from ordinary to extraordinary without costing you a fortune. Read more